Home theater in an existing room

home theater sectional mobilia rockland leather sofa
ROCKLAND sectional leather sofa and NULKA accent chair

Make sure that the room allows sufficient space between the image and the seats. The ideal distance is between two and five times the width of the screen or projected image.

1. Mixed entertainment in a small space

In an open-plan layout or if space is limited, use a wall support to mount the screen and free up the floor, or consider choosing a sleek audio-video TV stand with clean lines like NOAH. A sound bar will provide a rich, enveloping audio while taking up less space than a full set of speakers.

Choose low, versatile furniture that fills many purposes. For example, the EMILIA fabric sofa is equally suitable to lie down and watch the director’s cutofyour favourite movie or to relax for a drink among friends.

To maximise floor space, adding one or two bean bags allows you to seat some guests lower to the ground, so that everyone can enjoy a clear view of the image.

2. Family room home theater

If the room you’ve chosen for your home theater also serves as a living room, as a study or as a family area, avoid having a television set become its sole focus. A TV cabinet with doors or a sliding panel will allow you to conceal the screen when it’s not being used.

In more spacious settings, choose a large sofa that can accommodate more guests (like NIMS, which provides comfortable seating for six) or a modular ensemble with greater flexibility. For example, the SYLLA three-piece set can easily be moved around depending on whether you’re hosting a movie night or a family event.

Add a few ottomans, which can be used to stretch out your legs or to seat more guests.

Home theater in a dedicated room

home theater seating ideas modular couch mobilia sylla
SYLLA modular sofa

Using a projector is definitely an upgrade—especially if you already have a TV in another room—as it delivers immersive, large images. The exact size of the projected image can be adjusted by moving the device closer or further away from the surface.

3. Small home theater for movie buffs

A dedicated home theater room—even a small one—allows for greater control over ambient light and sound. To maximize space, consider concealing your speakers within the walls and ceiling.

Go with a reclining sectional sofa to cuddle up comfortably (like EMILIA) or two accent chairs (like EVELLA) so everyone can have their own seat. Leave enough room around the furniture to move freely. Add a side table for your drinks and snacks.

A room at least 15’ wide and 20’ deep provides the ideal size for a large-scale home theatre.

4. Elevating your family home theater

A bigger room opens up more possibilities, such as an extra row of seating. For example, you could have a WILNOIR reclining sectional sofa that seats five people, with an additional three-seat sofa behind it. Resting this second piece of furniture on a 12″ riser will provide back-row guests with a clear view of the image.

Make sure there’s sufficient space between the two rows to move around and to allow the seats to recline fully.

A dedicated home theater room can be further customized with a theme, such as superheroes, iconic horror film characters, vintage cinema or your favourite movie franchise.

best home theater seating recliner mobilia emilia
EMILIA reclining sectional sofa

5. Go big and build your own private cinema

With even more space, add as many additional rows as you can fit within the recommended distance from the screen (between two and five times the image width). Each extra row should be elevated 12″ higher than the previous one using risers, to achieve tiered seating like in a commercial theater. This will allow you to comfortably host private viewings for a small crowd.

In a dedicated home theater, leather is the material of choice, heightening the comfort and luxury of the viewing experience.

Sofas can accommodate more guests per row, but if the room is wide enough, you may as well just use accent chairs that provide maximum comfort for everyone. Leave enough room to move between rows, to recline seats fully and to install surround sound speakers in the back of the room.

Single person home theater

6. Home theater seating starts with you

If cinema is a serious passion for you and a way to lose yourself through art, you could certainly set up a home theater room just for you. You may even find this level of intimacy and simplicity elevates your viewing experience.

Your personal comfort is all that matters. Splurge on a single, deep recliner with a pillowy headrest and large armrests, like NARCISCO. This royal seat is just as enjoyable for movie marathons, for listening to music or simply to relax. Set it up in the centre of the room for perfect viewing and to benefit from a rich, immersive sound without any obstacles.

Bottom line: the right choice of seating plays an essential role when designing your home theater. Whether the space is big or small and in a dedicated or mixed-used room, the right arrangement ensures everyone can benefit from a clear view of the picture, an exceptional sound experience and supreme comfort. Enjoy the movie!

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