What do European nobility, fashion designers, movie stars and set designers all have in common? They’ve all had a velvet crush! Velvet has proven to be a timeless fabric in the fashion world. Its luxury and comfort has inspired designers and stylist of the 21st century to create fabulous furniture pieces reflecting its immortality.

Difference between Velour and Velvet

Velour and Velvet are commonly mistaken to be the same fabric. They share many similarities but are nonetheless different. The use of Velvet dates to the Renaissance and was used prominently in Venice, Genoa, and Florence. Historically, Velvet was worn by the rich and the noble. It is recognized by its theatrical, soft and glossy appeal. Velour is a slightly less thick and shiny fabric conjured to resemble velvet. It is knitted with a flexible-synthetic fabric making it more suitable for creating furniture and clothing.

A home furniture “must have”

Velour was used for the Janette Ewen Collection for Mobilia
Janette Ewen Collection – Mobilia 2016 

Velour exhales a lavish and chic invitation to style that was brought to life through our collaboration with Janette Ewen on the Roaring Twenties collection in 2016. Janette described this collection as “inspired by luxury, fantasy, and joie de vivre of the 1920’s.  This collection would create a level of intimacy and exclusivity perfect for any occasion!” 

A World More Spontaneous: an invitation to discover and rediscover

Among Mobilia’s 4 worlds, Spontaneous embodies the latest styles and the biggest trends from around the world. This is the place where eye-catching and beautiful meet, it’s also where Mobilia’s velvety fabric covered pieces can be found.

Velours Velvet Velour
A World More Spontaneous embodies the latest styles and trends from around the world


Velour provides the rich look of velvet which makes it very attractive for home furniture. Since furniture is used daily, this beautiful fabric needs to be maintained properly.

There is often the misconception that velour is fragile and difficult to clean as is velvet. However, velour is made of resistant-synthetic material making it much easier to care for.  Dust and dirt can make the your pieces look worn out and dull. By following the cleaning steps below, the rich color and beautiful texture of your velour piece will return:

  1. Using a soft brush, remove all the dust and/or dirt from your piece
  2. Add soap to a warm bucket of water and don’t agitate
  3. If necessary, add ammonia to the bucket for more cleaning power
  4. Dip a soft fabric into your cleaning solution and gently rub it onto the fabric
  5. It is preferable to switch out the solution and fabric for each application of the solution to keep it clean
  6. Air dry your velour piece
  7. If needed, brush your piece gently to restore its beautiful soft texture

*Always follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer before applying any cleaning or rubbing agent. We strongly recommend starting with a rub test on an inconspicuous part of your piece of furniture before proceeding. When in doubt, consult a cleaning professional. 

Cleaning and maintaining might not be fun but it can definitely be quick and easy! Follow these 7 simple steps and your velour piece will shine as it did when it was brand new. The noble roots of velvet have proven to be a fabric that filters through the boundaries of time. Its soft and flexible fabric enables it to adapt to any form and its chic sophistication makes it suitable for any interior design styles. Its synthetic material makes it simple to maintain while still capturing the beautiful glow of its ancestor velvet. Velour is a timeless classic; an inevitable trend. Be part of this ongoing Renaissance by adding velour into your modern home interior design.
Narnia sectional sofa in velour
Narnia sectional in a rich green velour fabric



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