Take a second to think about your small apartment or condo. How would you describe it? If your answer is small, undersized, or even restrictive, then here are a few decor tips on apartment designs for small living spaces that could change your perception completely.

1. Dramatize your design

Who said small can’t be dramatic? No one! So have fun with your small space and fill it up with a variety of different sized elements. Big art pieces like this SUFFA picture add size and drama to your space. The more variety the more life you have in your condo and the more spacious it will feel. Draw people’s eyes to multiple spots in your room using size to giveDecor tips: furniture on legs the perception that there is a lot to look at.

2. Seating

Buy sofas and seating that stand on legs. It will make your small space look less cluttered and give it an airy look.

3. Use the room’s height to its advantage

When designing, we often forget to decorate vertically. By adding pieces that will create height in your room, you are also accentuating space that was once not recognized. For example, this NEIVA ladder gives the viewer the perception that the living space is tall and therefore spacious.

4. Mirrors

Add mirrors in your room! You’ll be surprised by how successful the SUFFA mirror’s reflection is at making your space look bigger.

5. Unify your colors

A useful tip is to look for furniture with plain colors or small prints that match the color of your walls. It will blend everything in and expand the visual perception of your living space.Decor tips: the Sareen storage bed

6. Be Bold!

Consider buying one big piece of furniture that will practically fit an entire room. For example, this SAREEN bedframe takes up a lot of space in this small bedroom. However, filling up the empty spaces with small accessories makes the bed the focus of your room which is, in fact, the purpose of a bedroom! Being fearless and daring is what makes designing so much more fun!

Decor tips: multifunctional furniture
7. Think Multifunctional

A lot of furniture nowadays also offer storage on top of their main purpose of creation. Beds are a good example, offering storage in the frame as well as serving their primary purpose which is providing sleeping comfort. Another example is an ottoman. Find pieces that accentuate your small space and provide storage in places that would otherwise be wasted.

Keep those 7 hacks in mind for your small apartment redesign and be ready for a whole new perception of your no longer small living space!

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