Your dining room serves as a gathering place, offering a friendly haven where you can enjoy sumptuous feasts in good company. In many homes, it also functions as an impromptu telecommuting office, a space for homework and lessons, and an arena for board game nights.

Dining room storage furniture

Chest of drawers: A must-have for storing dishes

To maximize storage without occupying floor space, a china cabinet is a wise choice due to its height. Consider a model with solid doors, like the Easton wooden china cabinet with walnut veneer, which cleverly conceals your cutlery and accessories.

If you wish to showcase your collection of decorative dishes, opt for a cabinet with glass doors to protect your belongings from dust. For example, the Wendale grey lacquered wood china cabinet features recessed LED lighting that lends a rich glow to your favourite items.

Emory Curio

Dining room sideboards and chests

A buffet or sideboard, being lower in height compared to a china cabinet, frees up vertical space and allows for customization of your decor. Store utensils, napkins, glasses, and other kitchen items behind its doors and drawers, and decorate the top surface to your liking.

The robust and modern Nealie sideboard offers a generous 68″ x 20″ area of eco-friendly oak veneer, ready for your plants, decorative items, candles, picture frames, or beautiful serving dishes. Keep the space uncluttered by limiting the number of visible elements. You can place extra dishes on top during your larger gatherings.

Choose multi-purpose furniture that can adapt to your storage and organisation needs.

Console table

This narrow piece of furniture occupies minimal floor space while providing storage for a variety of objects and accessories. Consider a console table with drawers, such as the elegant Westerly, to conceal utensils, cutlery, and napkins. Embellish the top and bottom shelves with visually appealing kitchen items, such as a mortar and pestle set, a colour-coordinated enamelled cast iron pot, or a Wilvera wire mesh bowl filled with fresh fruit.

Bookcases as storage furniture

Although bookcases are typically associated with offices and living rooms, they are also highly versatile in dining rooms. Utilize alcoves and empty spaces with a tall, narrow bookcase to hold your cookbooks and decorative items. In an open-plan dining room, a backless bookcase like the Seera and Nassil can help define the space.

Natya bookcase

Dining room bench

Position a solid wood bench, such as the urban-industrial Jura, against a wall and use its surface to hold objects. During large gatherings, you can move those objects to another room and take out the bench for additional seating.

Multiply the space with nesting tables

A set of nesting tables is a perfect example of versatile furniture that easily adapts to different occasions. Opt for a model with translucent panels, such as Millenium, for a stunning visual effect when the tables are together. Separate them to improvise additional serving areas.

Dining room storage tips

Use drawer dividers and storage bins to maintain tidiness and ensure easy access to your belongings.

Prioritize items based on frequency of use

Whether stored behind cabinets and drawers or in plain sight, keep your everyday dishes and utensils easily accessible. Place less frequently used items in less convenient locations, such as high up or at the back of your furniture.

Indira sideboard

Make the most of vertical space

In a small dining room, opt for tall furniture to maximize storage capacity. For example, the elegant Westlyn high-gloss white lacquered wood china cabinet stands at 75″ in height but it’s only 21″ deep. It can accommodate a considerable amount of materials on its tempered glass shelves without cluttering the space. Feel free to add larger items that are only used occasionally on top, like a clay tagine or biscuit jar.

Install shelves and wall storage

For extra storage, place floating shelves where space allows – for example, above a sideboard or in a tight corner. This way you can keep your favourite kitchen accessories close at hand while enhancing your décor.

Combine open and closed storage

In a small dining room, excessive cabinetry or closed storage can create a strictly functional and rigid environment. Avoid this by incorporating open storage elements that allow you to showcase certain objects and infuse warmth into the space.

Easton sideboard

The Emory walnut veneer sideboard is a perfect example of a versatile piece of furniture that follows this principle. Stash your utility items in its three drawers, then slide its vertical sliding panel to display your dishes and decorative accessories on either shelf.

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary, mid-century, minimalist, rustic or warm look, our complete collection of dining room storage furniture offers you so many ways to enhance your decor while decluttering your space.

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