Leather is one of our favourite materials. No matter how it’s used, it always conveys elegance. But if we look beyond the texture, leather ages beautifully, and it can even tell a story. It is a completely natural material, with gorgeous nuances and unique marks from one piece to another.

Our tips for preserving your leather furniture

Depending on how you use it, leather can easily gain character and personality. Because of its durability and high resistance, it can stay beautiful over years and years, as long as it is taken care of and well protected.

A leather sofa to bring a modern and comfortable touch to your living room.

There are some simple things you can do to help your leather furniture age gracefully. For instance, keep them far from your heating source, which could dry the leather, and make sure to use cleaning products designed for leather goods, to keep it shiny and natural-looking as you clean it.

The possibilities with leather are virtually endless. Of course it is used mainly for armchairs and sofas, but consider using it also on chairs, side furniture, or even as a headrest for your bed.

Leather always has a way of adding refined sophistication.

Leather chairs in the dining room make it easier to clean.

Leather at Mobilia

You will find at Mobilia the widest selection of leather on the market.  If one thing’s for sure, we know a thing or two about leather. That’s because we were one of the firsts to import leather furniture to Canada, some 45 years ago! Talk about expertise.

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Whatever you decide to go for, rest assured: leather is timeless and goes with any materials and any look, from modern to rustic. Be bold, you won’t be disappointed. Leather always has a way of adding refined sophistication.