Perfect Pairings

What we love most about leather is its versatility. It goes with pretty much everything. In that way, leather is like your favourite pair of lived-in jeans, a material that smartly marries style and comfort. And much like your old faithful denim, leather can be teamed with various materials and fabrics. You can’t go wrong, especially when you match leather furniture and accessories with linen, velour, or cotton textures. Moreover, leather has a way of toning down materials like glass, stone, or metal. You can play with many other styles and patterns in whatever leather colour you choose. 

With its chameleon-like quality, your leather furniture can be dominant or discreet; it’s up to you. Leather was used exclusively in the living room or dining area, but now you can work the material into your bedroom on headboards, accent furniture, rugs, or cushions. Leather is limitless; use your imagination.

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Neutrals and natural tones

Leather comes in just about any colour under the sun, but natural tones have been in the spotlight more recently. Beige, tan, and brown are hot trends in interior design, with good reason. Colours in this range follow the earthy tones we’re seeing so much of lately, but they also complement vivid colours like oranges, yellows, ochres, greens, and blues. 

Neutral leather colours also work well with timeless pastel accessories: consider the delicate pairing of pink pillows or a soft, green throw blanket atop a tan couch. Tones like this have an enduring quality, so you’ll enjoy them for years. Keep the look fresh by changing up the accessories with every new trend. 

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A sound investment 

While leather may be more expensive upfront, its durability and easy upkeep means you’ll ultimately save more down the line. Unlike other materials that deteriorate leather holds up, and only gets softer and more supple as the years progress. In the era of fast interiors and furniture, spending more on a few premium-quality pieces is a great idea for your décor plans down the line. Not to mention, investment pieces lend your room an air of sophistication. And, when you factor in all the steps involved in bringing leather furniture to live, its initial cost starts to make sense.

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Ultimately, leather furniture infuses natural warmth to any room and goes with any style of décor and many colours, textures, and materials. Quality leather is timeless, easy to clean and has gained character over the years. You can’t lose when it comes to leather.

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