With the holidays just around the corner, we can’t think of anything more enjoyable than preparing all the festivities: menu, gifts, and decorations … Time to get into the spirit!

Without a doubt, the dining room is at the heart of your celebrations with friends and family. Here are some tips and advice to create a natural and festive table to host a joyous and welcoming dinner reception.

How to Create a Natural and Festive Table

 1 – Add Some Greenerynatural and festive table for the holidays

Greenery accentuates the natural look of your dining room table. You can choose to add eucalyptus or olive branches found at your florist, or simply use what you can find in your own backyard, such as cedar wood, branches or pine cones.

2 – Dim the Lights

Create a more intimate setting by dimming the lights and lighting candles in the centre of the table. The flames reflecting on the walls bring natural warmth and comfort to the room.

 3 – Add Some Elegance

It only takes a few gold accents to add a distinguished feel to your dining table. Cutlery, candleholders, candlesticks, or accessories, like a Ewen Deco metal tray, can embellish even the most understated room with an elegant glow.

4 – Create a Unique Experience

Forget traditional buffets! Display food and drinks at the end of the dining room table where guests will have fun serving themselves before sitting down. Plan ahead by choosing a larger or extending table, like the Navros or Nobile styles. The Surya tray is the perfect place to arrange your glasses and bottles.

5 – Get Inspired by Our Natural World

Our natural world is the perfect backdrop to showcase your festive decor: wooden objects, neutral colours, and raw materials, enhanced with white accessories, create a simple and welcoming atmosphere. Feel free to place small, more generic decorative objects on the dining room table, such as the Horna branch.

If you prefer a more Scandinavian look, our Euro world is an ideal setting to bring out your festive features. Creating a feeling of refinement with leather, textures and stylish lines, a Nordic-inspired design, complimented with seasonal hues, is perfect to host a holiday reception that will leave a lasting impression.

Discover endless decorating ideas on Mobilia’s Pinterest page.

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