When Pascal-Hugo (PH) and Jessie, two former participants on the popular french-language reality show Occupation Double Bali (which translates to “Double Occupancy – Bali”) chose move in together, they didn’t quite know where to begin when it came to furnishing and decorating their new living space. Driven by a common goal of being a force of positive change for their thousands of social media followers (they adopt a healthy, natural, and vegan lifestyle), it was important  to them that the décor be a reflection of this ethos. Here’s how they succeeded in making the move from reality TV to reality … with (a little) help and expert advice from Mobilia.

From reality TV to reality

For those who aren’t quite familiar with us, we’re PH and Jessie, two finalists in a reality show where the ultimate goal is to find love. Although we didn’t win the game, we most certainly won big in love.

When looking for a place of our own, we wanted to create an apartment that was true to us, in short it had to have a strong tie to nature and be simple yet inviting. Since neither of knew much about interior design, and we had very little time to shop for a variety of pieces of furniture that would not only match but be complementary to our vision, we had to find a simple but effective way to quickly create a living space that would meet our expectations.

While browsing on Instagram, we came across Mobilia’s account, which was absolutely filled with beautiful pieces of furniture! We then continued our research on Mobilia’s website to discover that they offered exactly what we were searching for: a simple and efficient way of finding inspiration in items that would match the look we were trying to achieve.

Although we didn’t win the game, we most certainly won big in love

Through its 4 “Worlds”, Mobilia was able to provide a clever and unique way of easily furnishing our space like a designer would, without actually having one. The Euro world, the Wow world, the Spontaneous world and the one resembled us the most: the Natural world. Together, they form a unique palette of possibilities for anyone who wants to give a more defined look to their home.

Filtering search results to find your World of Style

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A World of Style more Natural

The Natural world spoke to us in particular with its relaxed and rustic feel and provided us a kind of “urban cottage” look, which is exactly what we wanted. Although neither of us is a designer, each item works really well together and helps in making us feel completely at ease as soon as we enter our home.

PH and Jessie have chosen to adopt a vegan lifestyle

We really have to hand it to the Mobilia team for helping create a home décor that lived up to our expectations. Throughout the shopping process, communication with Mobilia was super easy and their “white glove” delivery and installation team were incredible! Suffice to say that have only good words to say about this Canadian company, which respects both its customers and the environment.

We now have the perfect space where we can continue to influence the world in our own way!

Photo Gallery

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