Back months ago when snow was still on the ground, we decide that we were going to clear out our spare bedroom which housed all of our extra mattresses and beds from our move 2.5 year ago. Our spare bedroom has been used once since we moved into our new home, therefore we knew having a spare room didn’t seem as ideal as having an extra playroom/media room for the kids.

A comfortable corner composed of a beige sofa filled with cushions, a plant, framed photos on the wall, a coffee table and a soft carpet on the floor.
The laid back look of this room is perfect for play and relaxation


The boys currently share a bedroom and Scottie has her own room all on our second floor. The farthest room is the new playroom. We decided on a playroom/media room because we wanted the kids to have an area of the house that was theirs. Especially a room that they could watch movies in or play video game when they have friends over and we adults have company. Also, our kids are getting older and sometimes its okay for them to have their own space to play…

An open door to the playroom gives us a bright view of the room with pennants on the wall, a bean bag and always the carpet and coffee table.

I like having a room I can just shut the door to and not worry about ALL the mess!

The choice of items

To make this room possible, we partnered with one of our favourite Canadian furniture companies, Mobilia, where they provided us with the deepest and coziest fabric sofa called NENLI, it’s the best sofa I swear I have ever lounged on, it’s so good, I want another for our main living room. We got the matching ottoman which ended up being the perfect little window seat for our dormer! We went with around wood coffee table called the NIRAN, and I love how it ties all the natural vibes together.

An additional view allows us to see a light wood armchair on the left side of the sofa.
The Niran coffee table is made of solid Thai wood – sofa is discontinued

Mobilia Is one of my favourite places to find unique items that are sourced worldwide! I originally incorporated the INDIRA black wood console table into the playroom design but after receiving it, I knew this beauty needed to be moved into a space where we could appreciate its beauty more. It ended up just down the hall between the boys bedroom and the kids bathroom :). If you are ever looking for affordable and authentic looking faux plants, Mobilia has the best selection at a good price. We added this YUCCA Artificial Plant and that’s one less plant I have to worry about keeping alive!

A black console with Indian inspirations takes place in the corridor. There's a bouquet, candlesticks and a statue of a female face on it. Frames on the wall above the console.
The Indira collection, which includes pieces like this console table, is made of repurposed architectural elements from India

Discover Kassandra’s selection right here.


This little corner is going to change in a few weeks as I will be adding a desk for myself. I find that if I want to get anything on the computer done, I have to do it while Scottie naps or else she is always begging for my attention. But with the playroom, I’m able to shut the door and let her go wild with all off her toys which occupies her enough while allowing me to get a few things done — it’s a win win and this space is really multi-functional, ha!  For the time being we have this oversized bean bag lounge chair in place… but its usually propped right up front of the TV while the boys play video games.

Close-up view of the bean bag and a wicker cradle with cuddly toys for children.

This is the playroom progress! I will make sure to share some more updates on my Instagram over the next few weeks. In the meantime I hoped you enjoyed this room update.

Kassandra Dekoning dining room profile
Kassandra Dekoning is a Canadian blogger who lives in southern Ontario

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