Do you live in a modern condo, a studio, a small apartment or even a tiny house? Then you know how tricky it can be to find the right furniture for your living area! Mobilia gives you tips and tricks for a better organization of your small space.

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For a small condo or a tiny living area, we suggest multifunctional furniture that offers storage space.

In the bedroom, for example, the bed often takes up a lot of space. Forget bedside tables and superfluous furniture and opt instead for a bed with underneath storage space such as NEXUS! It will allow you to store your bedding, clothing and books easily.

For the living room, choose an ottoman with a storage space (we love the METROPOLITAN) to hide blankets, magazines and extra cushions.

Compact furniture

Go for compact furniture that has a lot of personality. For instance, the small NIPSO sectional will give your tiny living room all the style and comfort you’re looking for in a smart, smaller format!

Multifunctional tables

If you have a small living room, forget the usual coffee table and go for nesting tables, such as WIBO. A little bonus: these tables also serve as beautiful trays! You’ll be able to arrange them in various ways, whether it is for tea time with your guests or to showcase your lamps and other decorative objects.

The console table and multifunctional table (the ELEVATOR, for instance) also make excellent choices for a small living space. The former will embellish the entrance and stay discreet, while the latter will serve both as a coffee table and a dining table. We just love 2-in-1 products!

Lastly, you may think that a large dining table should be avoided, but no! With small stools that can be hidden underneath, a table such as JURA can serve as a dining area, an office space, or an all-purpose table for all you creatives out there.


Structured and colourful, a large rug makes a great room divider that can clearly delimit the space between the living room, the bedroom and the kitchen in an open area condo.


The lighting in small spaces is often overlooked. To make your tiny living space more welcoming, bright and functional, make sure to have a main source of light as well as secondary light sources. A ceiling light or suspended lamp as your main light source and a floor lamp featuring a thin rod such as WILSON as your secondary source of light will ensure that the room is always well-lit.

Interior decoration

The decor of your small living space should be simple and smart, with an emphasis on well-thought decorative objects. A large floor or wall mirror, for example, will make the room look bigger and brighter.

Choosing curtains of the same colour and tone as your walls will create a sense of openness and spaciousness within a smaller room

When it comes to decorative objects, opt for colourful paintings that draw attention and compensate for fewer decorative items. Prioritize white and light colours on the walls for a bright and breezy room.

Find more inspiration for decorating and organizing your condo or small living space on Mobilias’ The Style Blog or on our Pinterest page !


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