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Fabrics play a big part in creating a room’s ambiance. Thanks to the various available options, we’re seeing materials take up space. Choose velour for retro elegance, bouclé for warmth and coziness, and sustainable materials like wool and linen to achieve a more natural home. From cushions to rugs to various choices of upholstery, fabric takes centre stage and sets the tone.

Trends | We’re Bringing Bouclé Back

Show your true colours

Colour is trending, and it’s all over the walls, curtains, furniture, and accessories. We’re saying goodbye to monochromatic decor and waving hello to hues like deep oranges, soft pinks, yellows, navy blues, and shades of green. These days, there are so many different fabric options available, so there’s no reason you should be missing out on the trend. From velour in rich, saturated tones to organic wools in so many different beiges, whites, greys, and browns, you’ll no doubt find the perfect colour combo to add oomph to your abode.

Trends | 2023: A Colour Story

We’re also seeing prints in the spotlight. From baroque to geometric patterns, anything goes. Prints create a dramatic effect when used in large amounts and add a little je ne sais quoi when applied sparingly. Fabrics, meanwhile, add complexity and depth—kind of like what colour does, only for your hands. When combined with colour, textures, or patterns, materials create a cheerful vibe, the perfect antidote for taking the edge off grey winter.

Monochrome no more

Why settle for just one accent colour when you get to play with several instead? From navy to its softer variations, blue has long been a favourite in decorating trends. Green is another popular choice, experiencing a comeback in design as of late. If you’re big on the retro trend, then consider orange. These three colours have strong personalities but complement muted hues like pale pinks, yellows, and neutrals. The only rule is to have fun: colourful, vitamin-rich tones are so hot right now.

Decorate on a dime

Fortunately, you don’t have to completely remodel a room or spend a small fortune to refresh the space — an easy solution is to switch up its accessories! It’s easier than you think using fabrics: change the material, go with a different texture, or play with a different palette. Fabrics offer unlimited possibilities.

See how easy it is to give your bedroom a new look just updating curtains. Place a bouclé armchair in the room to inspire relaxation and give it a retro feel. Plush cushions, silky rugs and warm, cozy throws add softness to any space. These are easy and budget-friendly ways to add warmth to a room. 

We tend to think that decorating is best experienced with our eyes. But what if we’re wrong about that? Factor in fabrics like velour, bouclé, fine or coarse wool, and all sorts of natural and synthetic fibres and you might be singing a different tune. Today’s materials are as fashion-forward and trendy as they are durable. Because doesn’t your room deserve to look and feel beautiful?

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