With so many bold styles, materials, colours and shapes at your disposal, it’s the perfect accessory to let your creativity run wild. Here are a few tips from our designers on how to find the perfect vase, fill it and place it carefully where it will catch the eye.

How to choose a decorative vase

The ideal shape for a versatile vase

It’s no accident that the traditional shape of a vase is similar to an hourglass. Its wide base provides added stability, its narrow neck keeps flowers upright, and its slightly flared mouth makes it easy to insert stems. The Widria model is a perfect example of this.

As long as you stick to the principle of a bulky bottom and a tapered top, you have endless options for originality. For example, Nawana ceramic vases combine a long, elegant neck with a wide but shallow base, creating a fun trompe l’oeil effect.

A neutral coloured vase enhances its contents

Black is always a great choice. With a textured matte black finish, the Eclipse ceramic vase creates a striking contrast with white and brightly coloured flowers.

Pair a white ceramic vase with roses or other classic flowers of any colour for a timeless look. Vary on this theme by opting for a contemporary and unusual shape, such as the intriguing Saja.

In between these two extremes, a gray vase is just as versatile while toning down the contrast for a more delicate look. And finally, a green receptacle pairs effortlessly with anything with leaves!

It’s a good idea to have several vases of different shapes and colours. If you’re given flowers, you’ll have more options to show them off at their best.

Choose coloured glass and opaque materials

If you’re going to put flowers in a vase, it’s best not to choose a clear glass vase. The transparency of the glass draws too much attention to the stems (which are of little visual interest) and to the water, which inevitably becomes cloudy. Instead, choose metal, ceramic or coloured recycled glass (as used in the Wonna collection) or with a textured surface (like the Widria models).

What to put in a decorative vase

Cut flowers in a vase

A carefully selected vase enhances a bouquet of flowers or a floral arrangement in the same way that a carefully arranged frame enhances a work of art. Vary the composition according to the occasion or the season to make your decor evolve, just like nature.

For a traditional arrangement, the length of the stems of your flowers should not exceed 1.5 to 2 times the height of the chosen vase.

Dried flower vase

For a low-maintenance, long-lasting arrangement, opt for dried flowers. Since the drying process causes them to shrink, plan for more flowers than with freshly cut specimens. A must-have for any boho-chic decor!

Decorative branches and pampas grass

Incorporate decorative branches and pampas grass into your arrangement to create height and volume. These natural elements in neutral hues can stand alone as a centerpiece or be used to fill a large decorative vase that can be placed on the ground.

Empty vase: why not?

Vases can be equally stunning when empty thanks to their bold shape, elegant materials, or complementary colors. For a striking arrangement, gather an odd number of vases in varying heights.

How to decorate with vases

Decorative vases for the dining room table

Using a vase as a centerpiece provides a versatile base for your decor. Customize the contents and look to suit your mood. To prevent a clumsy table setting from ruining your meal, choose a low, sturdy vase that offers more stability, such as the Essoto ceramic vase. You will also prevent flowers that are too high from obstructing your guests’ view.

Vases on a fireplace mantle

The fireplace in a room immediately draws attention, making its mantle an ideal showcase for a few decorative items. Create a beautiful backdrop by arranging vases of different shapes and heights, then add complementary secondary items to match your style.

Arranging vases on shelves

Brighten up your bookcase or shelves with shallow decorative vases. Play with contrasts: a vase with generous curves will stand out nicely among rows of books, for example.

Coloured glass vase in front of a window

Make the most of the transparent beauty of decorative colored glass vases by exposing them to natural light. Place them on a windowsill with enough room to let the sun’s rays filter through and infuse the room with luscious colors.

Large decorative floor vase

Alone or in a group, empty or filled, a large decorative floor vase can be placed in the corner of a room, near a console table or at the foot of a staircase to better define the space.

With so many elegantly designed bowls and vases to choose from, how do you find the perfect one for your decor? Indulge yourself with an unusual shape, an inviting texture or a colour that inspires you. The goal of this centerpiece is to attract attention, so choose the vase that naturally captures yours.

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