The power of purple 

It can be cool, serious, dark, and elegant, but pastel, bright, and bubbly. Purple, in all its forms, is making a comeback. With good reason: this is a colour that enchants any room. If you aren’t ready to commit to a full-fledged, wall-to-wall room in purple, incorporate it in small doses, such as with a sofa-enhancing cushion. From deep purple, crimson, periwinkle or lilac, you’re sure to find the purple that fits with your decor. Create a serene atmosphere by pairing your purple with navy, black, beige, pink and metallic accents.

Of land and sea

Green instantly recalls nature and all its vastness. In the Western world, we associate green with hope or luck. Whether it’s forest, sea, or springy green, this colour can work with everything from wood, earth tones, or bright sky blues. On the darker end of the spectrum, like forest green or khaki, green takes on neutral properties. Bring this hue home with a cozy throw that will keep your feet warm from the blaring A/C or a slender vase with curves reminiscent of the ocean.

The blues

It’s no wonder that blue is a favourite the world over. A soothing shade of blue is astonishingly chic when it’s grey or midnight. What’s best about blue is that it goes with absolutely everything. The Elkin sofa is mystical, with its stretchy fabric hugging its form—while caressing yours. This golden-accented fabric will undoubtedly be the centre of your decor’s attention with its elegant energy. Do blue however you can, on cushions, throw blankets, vases, or armchairs. Calm and relaxation await.

Here comes the sun

Lovers of bright colour, you’re in for a treat. With warm weather comes the return of sunny hues, warm tones and bold combinations. Drape us in pinks and yellows. Brighten up the home with vivid furniture that will put you in a good mood. Hang vibrant artwork on the walls, dress your table with colourful pillows and dare to use pink as a room’s statement piece—good mood and good vibes guaranteed.

Discreet neutrals 

Sure, colour is back in a big way, but that doesn’t mean it’s white, beige, or ecru. With their versatility and understated elegance, neutrals transcend seasons and trends. Such classic tones can match anything, even the darkest walls or most extravagant furniture. Neutrals highlight natural materials like wood, rattan, marble, or glass, which creates a timeless Scandinavian-inspired look.

Colour is back and here to stay. Splash your wall in blue, green, or purple, then decorate the area with the liveliest furniture and accessories. But at this moment, there’s no need to resist. Lean into your desires and let colour take hold. 

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