The bedroom is the place you go to escape from everything. It’s the place where you close the door on the hustle and bustle of daily life and drift into the arms of Morpheus. During the winter season in particular the bedroom is a comforting cocoon; its coziness offers a soothing contrast to the daunting cold outside. And it’s simple enough to add a little extra warmth to the space—the only danger is that with such a cozy bedroom you won’t want to leave it when morning rolls around!     

Tips for creating a warm and cozy bedroom

Soft colours

Choose a calming colour scheme for the master bedroomthink warm neutral shades with an appealing natural look. Cradle yourself in tranquillity with greys, blues, pinks and beiges. These timeless colours work well together so you can mix and match them to create a relaxing feel.

Your bed: the vessel of dreams  

If the style of your bedroom leans toward Scandinavian simplicity, the bed occupies a place of honour. As the main piece of furniture, it sets the tone for the rest of your cocoon. Choose a wooden or rattan headboard for a more bohemian look, and if you’re someone who loves getting lost in a good book for hours on end, then a fabric headboard is the way to go. As for bedding, choose natural fibres that inspire peaceful, dreamy feelings and keep you so warm and cozy that you’ll never want to get up.

Carefully chosen elements for cocooning perfection

The secret to cocooning lies in making careful design choices. When it comes to lighting, nothing beats accent lamps for creating a cozy ambiance. Equipped with the right light bulbs that cast a warm glow, accent lamps are like little enclaves of warmth in a room. Say goodbye to harsh ceiling light! 

Fabric also plays a role in lending a bedroom a cozy feel. Play with different materials when choosing drapes, throws and cushions. Go ahead and combine colours and motifs, but don’t stray from a gentle palette inspired by the colour of your walls. You can also dial up the cozy factor by covering the floor with a warm carpet.  

Finally, you’ll want to decorate your bedroom with pleasing plants, mirrors and art, taking care to avoid crowding it. The mirrors will reflect the light and make the space appear bigger. The plants will add a little life to the room, while purifying the air. Hang some framed art and display some mementos to finish off your cozy bedroom with a nice personal touch.

Sweet dreams!

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