When a new season begins, we get the urge to change up our decor a bit. There’s nothing simpler than playing with colour to transform your living room or bedroom into the perfect place to recharge. Here’s our take on this season’s colour trends.

Layering neutral tones

The new colour trends this season are all about the cocooning-effect. We’re looking at soft, warm and enveloping colours that bring a sense of well-being to our interiors – walls, furniture and accessories. To achieve that inviting Scandinavian-style ultra cosy atmosphere, try layering neutral tones, such as shades of off-white, beige, and very pale grey.

Accumulation of rugs, throws and cushions in soft and warm colours

A range of soft colours

Colour has a positive impact on mood, and that’s the thinking behind the trend toward using a variety of colours in a single room. Choose a range of complementary soft colours in various tones in order to accentuate the cheering effect of colour in your décor. This season’s star colours are unsaturated: mellow shades of pink and peach as well as warm and soft shades of blue and green. These are colours that do us good by creating an aura of calm and serenity.

“Colours that do us good by creating an aura of calm and serenity.”

Strong accent colours

Already popular for over a year now, sunset colours are very much in the picture this season – especially burnt orange, a shade that will add an optimistic glow to your décor.

Classic-Blue is the Pantone Color Institute’s chosen colour of the year for 2020. A deep shade of blue conducive to introspection, it creates a feeling of refuge.  

Classic Blue is the colour of the year 2020 according to the Pantone Institute. Here we can see our products in this trendy colour: cushions, sofas, throws and accent chair.

Burgundy is a favourite, but this year the colour is taking on a variety of tints, from a muted Marsala to a more vivid red. Along similar but less classic lines, we’re seeing shades of eggplant and dark purple. Watch for it! 

View on a bedroom with soft colours, composed of a beige fabric bed, a grey accent chair, a white ottoman and burgundy, white and pink cushions.

This season’s colour trends lend themselves to a cosy yet designed look and make for a soft and sensual ambiance. And there’s nothing easier (and more economical) than adding colour to transform a room into a cheerful and inspiring space. For some great ideas on how to transform your interior walls, visit here.

“Good design is not what you see, but what you feel”

Tristan Auer, Interior Architect

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