Fall is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to create a cocooning décor. Here are three key components of this trend.

Warm and comfy furniture

The cocooning style, imported from the Scandinavian countries and inspired by the “Hygge” trend is essentially a lifestyle in which interior decor serves to promote human happiness: it takes comfort to a higher level, inspiring a sense of security and well-being.

No matter what room you’re in, cocooning decor is warm, comfortable and reassuring. What’s in fashion is modern furniture made from natural materials like wood and natural fabrics of all kinds. For an instant cocoon-effect, choose fabric-covered sofas and chairs, cosy rugs, cushions and throws.        

Fabrics: living room with a fabric armchair on which a blue throw is placed, accumulation of cushions on a grey fabric sofa, a wooden coffee table and a patterned carpet on the floor.
Accent chair NAILA, rug NAFFLE + NYAKO and sectional sofa-bed ST-LAURENT.

It takes comfort to a higher level, inspiring a sense of security and well-being.

An abundance of fabrics

This fall, it’s fashionable to mix it up with fabrics and textures! The focus is on finely crafted natural fabrics. Think sheepskin and fleece, knits and wool, textiles with relief effects, fringes, and ethnic motifs. Combine different materials and styles to transform your living room or bedroom into a tranquil haven.

To infuse your décor with an ultra cosy and welcoming ambiance, add a medley of accessories like rugs, ottomans, cushions and throws.   

Fabrics: multiplication of rugs, patterned cushions, warm throw and armchairs in "sheep's wool".
Throw EMORI, rug NEPPEA and cushion NATIVE.

Combine different materials and styles to transform your space […] into a tranquil haven.

Soft colours and lighting

The current trend is toward fabrics in soft, warm and natural colours such as shades of pink, peach, blue, green, beige, white and grey. Add a touch of orange or burgundy for a distinctly autumn feel.  For the complete cocoon-effect, choose soft colours over pure and vivid colours.

Read our article about colour trends for a cosy and designed décor.

Fabrics: several textured cushions on a bed with a throw.
Bed NATHAN, throw NALTI et cushions NABI + NOMO + NURVINA.

Lighting also plays an important role in creating atmosphere in any room. Since the idea here is to reproduce natural lighting as nearly as possible, opt for soft and calming filtered light.

— Autumn ushers us indoors to enjoy the comforts of home. Fortunately, cocooning decor is easy to create. Have fun!