After years of seeing nothing but white walls in interior decorating magazines, the tide has finally turned! For a cosy Nordic look, you can select a soft, neutral colour or choose any off-white shade, from champagne to beige. Add a dark accent colour, like charcoal, black or navy blue, or a desaturated colour like sage green or blue-gray. For a bold statement, pick one of the very fashionable sunset colours.


Nordic décor pairs beautifully with the clean lines and natural materials of modern furniture. Covered with soft fabric, accent chairs have just the right clean and simple look. Made with natural materials, tables and accent stools are all designed for a typical warm Nordic effect. And the sheep’s wool accent chair is a must for this cosy Nordic look and ideal for the winter season.

Curves are stylish! They evoke emotion and sensuality. The Eberia bed is the perfect example of an inviting piece of furniture with rounded edges that lends softness and good cheer to your décor.

To add a sensual touch to your décor, select a piece of furniture with rounded edges.


In Nordic countries, design aspires to harmony with nature and also seeks to create a direct visual link between interiors and exteriors. For furniture, flooring and even accessories, there is a preference for natural and organic materials like wood, with wood stains tending toward pale and natural shades. Different materials such as rattan, bamboo, textiles, and stone can be combined in a mix of textures and materials that creates a minimalist yet visually rich décor.

One recent decorating trend that is mostly seen right now in trendy commercial spaces is having an interior wall in micro-cement, a fine material with a unique natural and artisanal look.


Accessories are essential to achieving a cosy atmosphere, but allow quality to prevail over quantity. And take care in placing each of your chosen items to create an artfully casual effect. You’ll want to select rugs, cushions and throws with simple patterns and soft colours, along with candles and plants.


Since there is a dearth of natural light in the cold weather season, designers in Nordic countries have developed a special talent for interior lighting. Their secret is multiplying the sources of light using pendant lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, lanterns and candles! It’s also important to choose the right light bulbs in order to create the most natural, soft and warm lighting possible.

In short, to create your own cosy but stylish décor, just follow the guidelines for the ever-appealing Nordic look.


  1. In love with the Eberia bed!! Ilike to read in bed, it looks so perfect.

    1. Thank you Katrine for your good comment!

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