Why Mobilia?

I’ve used multiple Mobilia products on my show before, and I’ve long been a fan of the brand’s commitment to quality and versatility. It’s also not our first collaboration: We’ve worked together on a contest in which the grand prize was my interior design advice. Safe to say, I’ve had a soft spot for Mobilia from the start.

In 2021, we formalized our partnership, and it’s been a joy to design this collection alongside a team of design experts who are as passionate as I am – a rare quality! I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to work with a brand that offers products that are as beautiful as they are timeless. What’s more, I feel strongly about supporting local brands that provide people with high-quality furniture and functional accessories.

Tell us what went into creating the collection.

Mobilia and I had a concrete vision to design a living room collection that combines durability with comfort and style and appeals to local consumers. To achieve that, we played with modern and classic pieces and threw some colourful accessories and prints into the mix. If a collection is going to have my name on it, then it’s got to have plenty of prints! This collection is the culmination of a partnership that’s been going strong for several years.

How did the creative process go? 

Discussions began almost a year ago. We talked about designing the pieces that would ultimately become the foundation of the Mobilia x Scott McGillivray collection. The Mobilia team shared their mood boards with me and shared products they had spotted at international design shows. 

Once we settled on the designs, Mobilia sent our team a slew of colour and fabric samples. I can’t tell you how many days we spent pouring over our choices and making the right decision. Everything needed to be carefully thought out both individually and as a part of a whole so that it would bring my vision of a trendy, harmonious and timeless interior to life. It was no small feat, but it’s fair to say we’re pleased with the result.

What’s it been like working with Mobilia? 

Overall, it’s been a very smooth process. We already had a strong relationship when we started working on the collection, so it’s been a breeze. When there’s mutual respect involved and everyone’s expertise is considered, that notion of trust is strengthened.

What current trends does this collection reflect? What inspired the choice of colours and fabrics?

You’ll see loads of neutral tones and darker contrasting colours. We also incorporated natural elements like wood and wool. Simple, geometric patterns paired with curved furniture and accessories help create a soft, gentle vibe.

We also wanted to ensure the collection would feature classic colours like navy, gray, tan, and beige. These tones have staying power and won’t ever go out of style. And while we chose the fabrics for their comfort and durability, we wanted accessories that would energize and add fun to the room.

In terms of décor, what trends are people most interested in seeing?

The trend we’re seeing a lot of right now is an interior that inspires a sense of calm, a place that allows you to relax and unwind fully. Earth tones that bring us closer to nature, among other things, come to mind. People are always looking for products that last a long time. They want timeless classics. They will only have to replace some seasons that hold up well. Comfort is probably the most crucial feature — it consistently ranks on every shopper’s list. No one is interested in buying furniture that looks good but feels uncomfortable.

Does the collection feature Canadian-made products?

It sure does. We needed to showcase Canadian-made products. We worked closely with Mobilia’s suppliers to ensure that our customers would have the opportunity to support Canadian manufacturers. Our collection, therefore, features 30 products made right here at home by fellow Canadians. Mobilia has always prioritized promoting Canadian businesses and manufacturers, so you can always expect to find homegrown products in stock.

The sofa is the centrepiece of the collection. Tell us what’s so special about it. 

This sofa holds a special place in my heart. We designed the collection around this sofa. We wanted to offer our customers a modular sofa that could fit into many different spaces. Modular sofas are easily reconfigurable and can adapt to the changing needs of families. It had to be comfortable but resilient, able to stand up to daily use. So, we opted for a foam seat that would retain its shape over time. Besides that, it’s available in a range of classic colours that will age beautifully.

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