When it comes to choosing a sofa, armchair or accent chair, most of us will go for something that will look new for as long as possible. Among the vast selection that is offered to us, many options are proposed: natural or synthetic fabric, fabrics textured with bold or sober colors, and let’s not forget prints. One important thing to consider, however, before making your final choice, is the required maintenance of these fabrics.

If you’re like most families, you may sometimes find your kids like to jump on the couch and put their little paint stained hands all over your chair, or maybe your husband has a habit of leaving crumbs where he sat to watch the hockey match. Perhaps your dog likes to keep you company on Friday nights while you watch your favourite series. In any of these cases, it would be most useful for you to know a bit more on how to maintain different fabrics.

Rethinking Microfiber Fabric

Microfiber fabric

The leader in stain resistant fabrics these days is microfiber. Microfiber, which could be compared to suede or leather, is very soft and is water repellent, a great example of this is the Norika sofa, which is available in an array of colours and configurations. Though it can actually hold off liquid after a spill, microfiber should be patted dry immediately with a cloth or towel, so as to prevent the liquid from being absorbed. If a stain persists, don’t worry, just pat down the area with a warm wet cloth and soft detergent. As for crumbs and animal fur, the vacuum cleaner or lint roller will do the job.


Norika Sectional Sofa in Mircrofibre fabric
Norika Sectional Sofa in a stain resistant microfiber



Leather armrest on the Wilford sectional

Next in line, a timeless contender on the market, which is of course, leather. Leather barely requires any maintenance as it is resistant to both stains and splatter Mobilia has a wide selection of pieces for you to choose from. Routine maintenance requires only a wet cloth and soap, which is rather minimalist for anyone leading a busy lifestyle. It is, however, quite vulnerable to pets! Leather is a long-term investment and a great deal overall if properly maintained.

Before you decide, take the time to consider how you will use you furniture, and more importantly, who will be using it. An interesting option to consider is abrasion resistance. If it is marked 100,000 rub count or more (equivalent to 100,000 uses in the same spot), it’ll be a while before it shows any signs of damage.

Napoli leather sectional
Napoli leather sectional

For more information on the maintenance of various fabrics, see the Fabric Maintenance Tips section on our website.

Making a furniture piece is a big investment, choose wisely and you’ll have years of enjoyment!


  1. Hello! My name is Yana Litus, I’m an interior decorator . Can you please provide a free samples of fabrics that you have for my future clients? I always recommend mobilia so I want to show to my clients real colours and textures because it’s hard to make if online, I appreciate if you can do it. Thank you !

    1. Hi Iana! Thank you for your comment. Please send an email at [email protected] and our representative will coordinate the shipment of samples. Have a nice day!

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