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A Nest In The Heart Of Nature

When you’re at the cottage, anything goes. Only here do we spend our days donning our comfiest clothes, eating whatever and whenever we want, taking long walks in any temperature, and escaping the world in gripping novels. The cottage is a peaceful haven in the heart of nature. It’s a spot that invites humans to reconnect with our roots, spend long hours playing board games, feed fires with logs, reminisce over mealtime, or spend an extra hour (or two) lounging in a sun-bathed bedroom. Here, the keyword is comfort; the ambiance is warm, the light is soft, and birdsong is the only soundtrack we need.

Nealie dining table, Nassina lamp and Esla sideboard

Let’s Eat 

If there ever was a spot tailor-made for a large table, it’s the cottage. Something for those on a romantic getaway or large friend groups should keep in mind: An extendable dining table makes gourmet meals even more decadent. With so many models to choose from — woodceramic, or glass — tables this large mean the whole gang can get together over a delicious, hearty meal. An extendable table accommodates all your menu items, from raclette to fondue or a heaping bowl of spaghetti. Extendable dining tables provide ample space for serving platters, dishes, and condiments with enough capacity for wine glasses sipped over stories.

Puzzle lovers will also find all that extra elbow room pleasant, as they can display and spread out all the pieces in one spot. Practical and adaptable, the extendable dining table is a necessary addition to your cottage, no matter how you intend to use it.

Modular Sofas, Made For Versatility

Furnishing a cottage is different from the home. You need to make a few concessions, namely mixing old pieces with newer designs and leaving enough room for family heirlooms. But that’s the key to creating a cottage that reflects who we are.

At the cottage, the design fundamentals to consider are comfort and practicality. Keeping these elements at the forefront of our design decisions helps all cottages achieve that inviting atmosphere that welcomes you to kick up both feet on the coffee table. 

The world “practical” evokes the modular sofa design. Easily reconfigurable, this piece of furniture comfortably adapts to any space. When all its parts are whole, it doubles as a spare bed. When separated, its different elements can fill up a smaller-sized room with the luxury of a large piece of furniture. Consider this the proof you need that modular sofas are a must for solo, intimate getaways or larger gatherings.

Bring Out The Bench

Is a cottage even a cottage if it doesn’t include a bench? Whether a simple design or with a built-in backrest, the bench is a perfect fit for a cottage’s inviting, rustic and versatile atmosphere. 

The bench is a convenient spot for lacing up boots in the entryway. It’s extra seating or a footrest when placed in the living room. Use it as additional storage for books or clothes in the bedroom at the foot of the bed.

The bench gives you more room for friends showing up for dinner in a kitchen or dining room. It also has its place in the bathroom — plenty of space for a few kids to sit and get their hair done or pile stacks of juicy gossip mags. Benches are so practical and versatile. Find the use that suits your interior best.

What Do You Play?

We love to escape to the cottage for fun or a change of scenery. For many, that means catching up on reading, hanging out, and playing games. Almost all cottages come furnished with bookcases filled with novels, comic books, and board games to keep us entertained on gloomy afternoons. Days like these call for just a few essentials, like a relaxing chair, a throw for warmth, and proper lighting. Incorporate a cozy rug into the room for kids who enjoy playing on the floor.

When it’s time to put everything away, store books and other items inside the bench and stack games, puzzles, and books on top of it. Slide storage bins filled with toys underneath, ready to go for next time.

The most important thing about time spent at the cottage is that it’s a place you can feel your best. It’s about creating a timeless world you can escape to and leave behind your worries from the past week or the one yet to come. Eclectic and well thought out, your cottage’s décor should feel as welcoming as a warm, familiar embrace.

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