A variety of colours and configurations are available upon special order, see an in store associate for more details.


Simple configuration

With side storage

With shelving and drawers

With shelving, drawer and desk



To meet the varied needs and design styles of our clients, Mobilia offers 4 different high quality finishes to choose from, allowing for superior flexibility. The materials can be easily tailored to your personal style, plus they’re more durable (and easier to care for) than wood.



We only use the best hardware in our Murphy beds making them safe, easy to use and built to last a lifetime. Our hardware is characterized by its black steel structure, extra-strong spring mechanism and large folding leg. Our Murphy bed mechanism has been specially designed for use with queen & double vertical beds.



Let your guests sleep in ultimate comfort with our exceptional Semplice mattress. Made in Italy, our mattress comes with a 100 night comfort guarantee and a 15 year warranty. What's more, we'll give you a 10% discount on a mattress or pillow with the purchase of one of our Murphy bed systems.



No. Due to the custom nature of our installation process, it's important for us that each Murphy bed be tailored to your taste and to the physical restrictions of your space. Please see us in one of our 8 locations or send us a message by using the button below.

Yes, however assembling a wall bed does require special skills. Expect a minimum of 3 hours for 2 people to assemble and secure the bed to the wall. Safety measures are well identified, and you must make sure that the wall bed is safely secured to the wall with fastening hardware suitable to your wall structure.

Yes. The wall bed must ALWAYS be secured to the wall to prevent it from tipping when you open the large door hiding the mattress. Read the disassembly steps BEFORE unscrewing the wall bed from the wall.

Yes. The bed is assembled on site. Therefore, it can be disassembled to be relocated. Read the disassembly steps BEFORE unscrewing the wall bed from the wall. Advice : Ask us about disassembly services.

The lead time varies depending upon model. Everything is manufactured upon quote, therefore we do not hold any models in stock. Lead time for a unit is between 6 to 8 weeks

Double and queen.

16 “or 21” deep. Wall beds 21″ deep have a library header inside the bed offered in several configurations.

25/Lifetime Warranty (Murphy Bed mechanism). The warranty covers the mechanism and its metal components. The warranty is not transferable. Transportation and labour costs are not covered by the warranty.

Our Semplice mattress line was specially chosen to fit our Murphy beds however any other standard size foam or spring mattresses with a maximum thickness of 9” can be used with a maximum weight of 100lbs. Please note that 100% latex, 100% viscose mattresses, pocket springs mattresses as well as futons are not appropriate for wall beds.

Our Murphy beds are made to order in facilities located in Montreal, Québec.