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Find the Perfect Accent Table in Canada

A table can be much more than a strictly functional piece reserved for the dining room. The perfect end table will highlight your sofa’s best qualities – and provide a handy place to set down drinks and snacks. A living room table with storage may transform an awkward nook into a delightfully productive and creative work area.

Quite simply, an accent table can be anything your home décor needs it to be, whether it’s a burst of vibrant colour, a daring choice of material that creates a sublime visual contrast, or a bold statement piece that ignites conversation and sparks the imagination. These tables’ different dimensions, styles, and purposes leave much to explore; our designers will happily impart their wisdom and guide you toward the most suitable choice for your unique needs. 

What’s the Difference Between a Console, an End Table, and an Accent Table?

While these three expressions are sometimes used interchangeably, each holds subtle and unique characteristics:

  • A console table features a large surface area suitable for studying, working, or showcasing large or numerous items. It’s often positioned against a wall and may be paired with a companion chair.
  • An end table typically goes alongside or against the back of a sofa or a commanding accent chair. It should either harmonize with or audaciously contrast its neighbour furniture’s height, style, and materials. Its smaller surface area is meant to hold fewer decorative items, sometimes a single one such as a potted plant or a table lamp.
  • An accent table can serve as an end table or a side table, yet it’s primarily used for decorative purposes, bringing uniquely eye-catching qualities to the room.

How About an Accent Stool?

In a pinch, some low- to medium-height accent tables of robust design can be used as stools and provide additional seating. Many of these round accent tables hide ingenious, built-in storage beneath a removable cover. Such astutely versatile furniture enables you to get the most out of even a tiny space.

A modern accent table might be the missing piece that infuses your room with increased functionality and beauty. Let your imagination run free as you browse our exquisite collection. Our designers remain at your service should you be interested in their priceless advice on bringing your wildest ideas to life.