Canada’s Premier Selection of Modern Accent Chairs

Whether you’re looking to provide occasional extra seating at the dining table, create an inviting reading nook addition to your living room furniture, or make your bedroom feel cozier, an accent chair can add character and functionality to any space.

But with so many accent chair types, styles and colours to choose from, where do you even start? Should you go with an accent chair and ottoman duo, a swivel model, or a recliner? Are you seeking a mid-century, Scandinavian, industrial, or traditional theme? Do you prefer an accent chair that’s green, white, grey, beige, brown … or maybe a bold mustard yellow?

How to Pick the Perfect Modern Accent Chair

Luckily, in addition to offering one of Canada’s most fantastic selections of modern sofas and accent chairs, Mobilia’s furniture specialists are known for their insightful advice and helpful recommendations. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you start comparing options:

  • How will this accent chair be used? If it’s meant to seat extra guests during meals, you’ll need an accent chair of adequate height made from easy-to-clean materials like wood and spill-resistant fabric. A plush and comfortable model with deep seating may be more suitable for relaxing in your study or living room.
  • What is the room’s overall style? Choose an accent chair of similar style to have it blend seamlessly into the décor. On the contrary, pick one wildly different to bring attention to it and act as a statement piece. Consider adding a throw and some colourful cushions to smooth the transition from one style to the next.
  • What accent chair colour should you pick? A neutral-coloured chair such as white, grey, or beige will effortlessly suit most décors. If you’re looking for contrast, take inspiration from the room’s secondary palette and go with something bold, such as a deep indigo, a dark green, a soft pink, or a royal burgundy.
  • How much room is available? Mark the floor with removable tape, grab a similarly sized chair from another room, or use Mobilia’s sizing tool to assess how much space your new accent chair will require. Make sure to maintain sufficient clearance all around it to move freely.

A modern accent chair can be the finishing touch that truly ties any room together. Get inspired, browse our selection, and don’t hesitate to contact our designers to receive personalized advice.