You’ve probably already noticed that cane is making a big comeback in decorating, furniture and accessories, to great enthusiasm! Far from the image we might have of it as old-fashioned, cane is again fashionable and a prominent part of the boho-chic style, which showcases craftsmanship and natural materials. Let’s zoom in on this new trend.

What is cane furniture?

Caning is an ancient technique that involves weaving strips of rattan, knotting them strand by strand, to create a surface. There are various types of caning and distinct motifs can be created using different techniques.

Two classic designs

famous no 14 cane chair micheal thonet mobilia

The famed no. 14 chair in wood with a cane seat, was designed in 1859 by Michael Thonet. With the advance of industrialization, the caning process was mechanized, opening the way to mass production. Some 45 million no. 14 chairs were produced.

marcel breuer modern cane armchair mobilia

The renowned architect and furniture designer Marcel Breuer, an icon of Modernism and the Bauhaus movement, designed the “Cesca chair” in 1928, at one of the high points of the Art Deco period. The chair was an homage to craftsmanship.

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Boho chic-style!

It’s no wonder cane is back. With its calming light tones and natural texture, it has a way of creating a feeling of Zen in your home. It comes from a durable, fibrous plant and is transformed into cane or woven into seating and furniture accents. Strong, versatile and elegant, cane works with every style and taste—including yours.

cane dresser cane chair cane furniture mobilia noralie natya
NORALIE dining chair and NATYA sideboard


Natya collection

The boho-chic inspired Natya collection features ash wood furniture with openwork doors set with rattan cane. The simple finish of this collection will brighten up any room in your home. Functional, with its multiple storage spaces, and trendy, with its rustic chic style, the Natya collection will become the focal point of your living room, dining room and bedroom.

Norah collection

Cozy and super comfortable, the Norah collection is oozing style. Featuring a solid ash wood frame with a natural or black finish, woven rattan seat and back, it truly captures the beauty of the caning technique. This light and stylish chairs are a real invitation to relax!

Noralie collection

Noralie collection is totally trendy and its chic, cozy look is reminiscent of the atmosphere of Parisian bistros. With its natural woven rattan backrest, metal legs and black velvet look fabric seat, the retro charm of these pieces will stand out in any room.

Cane is also a great addition with a pendant lamp, which produces a gentle play of light.

Cane furniture lends a soft, natural and exotic touch to any kind of décor in addition to a graphic effect and a slightly vintage look.

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