Natural or synthetic fibres?

Most carpets are made from wool, sheep wool, silk, cotton, hemp or synthetic fibres. Wool carpets, or of natural origin, will be preferred because of their quality, softness and durability. Although it is rather pricier and requires professional maintenance, its beauty and luxurious appearance will ensure many oohs! and ahhs! for a long time.

A more affordable synthetic carpet that is easier to maintain will allow you to be more daring when it comes to colors and styles.

Weaving 101

The most common carpet fabrication methods – besides machine manufacturing – are weaving, knotted and tufted.

  • Weaving is the original manufacturing process of oriental carpets renowned for their great quality. Lighter than knotted carpets, they are known for their geometrical patterns.
  • Knotting is the main manufacturing process for classic carpets.
  • The tufting technique creates cheaper versions of handmade weaved and knotted carpets.

Carpet styles

There are an infinite number of carpet styles and formats. Rectangular, square, round, big or small, plain or patterned, the choice is yours! But when it comes time to go carpet shopping, you must ask yourself the right questions.

A carpet at the foot of the bed is less likely to get as dirty as a carpet placed in a well-trafficked space, for example. The latter should therefore be darker – unless you have an annual dry-cleaning fee!

Is there a specific area that needs to be covered? You will prefer a custom rug. The Naya carpet offers a variety of options.

The blend of textures, patterns and colours is allowed. As in fashion, you can play with contrasts and have fun when home decorating! A well-chosen carpet can even have a huge impact on the room and decor. Take a look at Emente and Wente carpets. Stunning effect guaranteed!

Where should the carpet be placed in your home?

A carpet in your bedroom? Why not! We prefer a cozy carpet as the Wolf, placed at the foot of a solid wood bed or in a neutral style room.

In the living room, you can create a warm and comforting effect with a shag carpet, placed in the middle of the room or near the fireplace. To create the illusion of a larger room, use a lighter shade of carpet like Elysum. For common or well-trafficked spaces, choose a darker shade of carpet such as Waklin.

How do you maintain your carpet? 

To prolong the lifespan of your carpet, you must follow a few basic rules. For details on maintaining carpets, please consult our Maintenance section here.

An eco-friendly carpet?

The new generations of carpets resist mildew and have lower VOC emission rates. Moreover, the recycling of synthetic fibres and the increase use of natural fibres will help you find products that are more eco-friendly and healthier for air quality.

For all these reasons, carpet is a wise choice to enhance a room’s decor and create a unique effect. If you can’t seem to make a choice or if you want to know more, do not hesitate to seek advice from one of our team members in store.

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