What if we told you that you could keep the holiday spirit going all year round by adding a few magic touches to your decor?

Here are 7 tips that will help you maintain that warm holiday atmosphere long after everyone has taken down their trees and put away their decorations.

Trade your chairs for benches

There are never too many benches! Make room at the table to include a bench instead of the traditional chairs and you’ll see the excitement at dinner increase instantly. Children will be the first to want to sit on your new bench, and adults will be thrilled by the warmth this informal touch creates.

If you are lucky enough to play the piano and have one at home, consider using your piano bench to complete your table arrangement or take a look at our solid acacia wood bench for the dining room.

The bench gives you more room for friends showing up for dinner in a kitchen or dining room.

Nealie dining table, Nassina lamp and Esla sideboard

Create a reading corner near the fire

Another good way to recreate the holiday spirit all year round is to make your hearth your home at home! If you have a fireplace in your living room or your bedroom, install a shag rug, add a comfortable armchair, your favorite throw and complete with a stack of books you can’t wait to read: you’re off for long relaxing evenings by the corner of the fire.

Relax with board games

Did you enjoy the time spent playing board games over the holidays? Rather than storing your good old Monopoly or Scrabble game and your magnificent chess set, keep them close at hand to pull out at a moment’s whim. It’s never too late to create a new tradition of board game night!

A cosy accent chair, board games and good lighting are all you need for a good afternoon’s reading.

Elvea accent chairs

Immerse yourself in nature

We tend to spend more time indoors during the holidays, but this is no reason to deprive yourself of the charms of the outdoors. Decorate strategic parts of your room with branches of evergreens, delicate pinecones, and stems of winter berries.

Take advantage of the winter period to stock up on logs (which can be used as stools) or pretty fir branches (which will beautifully complement your potpourri). We explain to you how to manage to recreate a little of the luminous whiteness of winter in the following tip.

Illuminate your decor with garlands

Don’t be in a hurry to put your string lights away as soon as the festivities are done. If you’ve been using lights to decorate your home, especially those with tiny, cool-tinted white bulbs, you could install them somewhere else instead of storing them in the attic. Wind them around a balustrade, a beam, a decorative curtain rod, or a house plant to illuminate your evenings all year round.

Decorate with metallic textures

Metallic accents can make all the difference in any decor

Sequins and baubles or anything that sparkles and glitters are an integral part of the holidays. They catch the eye and brighten the soul. By choosing to add decorative elements with mixed metallic hues (gold, silver, bronze) to your decor, you can remember the magic of the Holidays at all times.

Metal frames, vases, like this polished silver aluminum floor vase, and even furniture with a brushed finish that will easily reflect light, can help you maintain that much-desired holiday vibe.

Elian coffee table

Hang your most beautiful family portraits

Reconnect with your creative self and turn your large living room wall into a personal mural. Pair funny family photos, your most recent holiday shots, with travel photos, wedding photos, or even drawings from your last art class to build a magnificent mural.

Whether it’s by keeping those board games by the fireside or winding those garlands of greenery, lights and pinecones around the house, there are simple ways to keep the holiday spirit alive all year long.

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