Here is the concept of the “pit couch” and our advice for setting up such an inviting relaxation area without cluttering up with oversized furniture.

What is a pit couch?

A pit couch is an arrangement of furniture, usually rectangular or square, that’s large enough to lie down on.

Arranging the furniture in this way makes the space cozy and particularly convivial. The result is halfway between a sofa and a bed. This is the ideal environment for a movie night, reading, or chatting with friends in a relaxed and informal context. If guests must spend the night, the large surface is comfortable enough to sleep well.

The main disadvantage of a “pit couch” layout is the disproportionate space it requires. A massive sofa with a deep seat can completely dominate the room and interfere with movement. You also must disassemble the whole thing into individual pieces to vacuum the floor or clean the space between the cushions, then put everything back together.

Five sofa configurations inspired by the pit couch

You can recreate the informality of a “pit couch” – without the drawbacks – by arranging a modular set or a sectional sofa instead. Here are five models that lend themselves well to it.

Versatile sectional sofa 

Set up a sectional sofa-bed with storage like the Wicek, and open up its large bed for impromptu sleepovers in front of your favourite movie. Plus, its two lounge chairs conceal large practical storage spaces, perfect for storing bedding.

Comfortable sofa bed for the night

Trendy and practical, our Espe sectional sofa bed model combines a two-seater sofa with a chaise longue and two generous armrests to ensure your comfort in many positions.

In just a few steps, it can be unfolded and transformed into an 89″ x 61″ bed, a slightly more spacious surface than a “queen-size” mattress. Add a few cushions to create an inviting “pit couch” that you can put away whenever you want.

Maximize space

With its generous dimensions of 118″ x 118″, a reclining sofa like the Whitmore arranged in a corner can take up the two walls of an average-sized room. However, its seats without backrests at the ends facilitate the visual transition and avoid hindering movement.

Result: you use all the available space to create your oasis of relaxation and conversation. Two reclining seats allow you to lie down but do not require any additional clearance when folded.

Wonderful modular

Combine the different pieces of a modular set, armless chair, modular corner, and ottoman — to create the exact arrangement you dream of. Start with a modular “L” set, like our Etienne model, arranged in one corner of the room, then add as many individual pieces as needed to fill the space.

Fabric ottoman chairs can be added in the center to obtain a real “pit couch,” but these remain easy to move if you change your mind. Experiment and vary your configurations according to your desires.

Share a cloud

The central piece of a European-style lounge, a sectional from our Euro world, is not lacking in audacity. Elkin, for example, with its rounded shapes and slightly elastic fabric, invites you to lie down comfortably, like on a cloud.

Recompose its four individual pieces (complete with a modular armchair with or without arms or even a modular corner if necessary) to obtain the layout you want. Between the “L”-shaped sofa, armchairs arranged in a circle, or an intimate “pit couch,” everything is possible.

Choosing a large sofa in a small room

In a modestly sized room, a single full-size modular set makes better use of space than a sofa and accent chair duo, and can often accommodate more guests.

Choose neutral finishes

With proper maintenance, a modular set retains its comfort and appearance for many years. A neutral and timeless fabric or leather model acts as a backdrop, allowing you to customize the look with cushions, throw blankets, and accessories. Neutral finishes will also make the room appear more spacious and uncluttered.

Choose a pale colour

Opt for a pale gray, beige or off-white modular set in a cramped room that reflects more natural light. This will make the space appear clearer and larger.

Add a wall mirror

Create an illusion of depth by hanging a decorative mirror above the sofa.

Use vertical space

A “pit couch” style layout takes up a lot of floor space. For more balance, free up the rest of the room by installing shelves or wall furniture as well as wall or hanging lamps.

Does the idea of ​​taking a seat on a large soft surface and being able to change position freely appeal to you? A “pit couch” layout could well turn out to be your dream relaxation area. Follow our advice to achieve the desired effect with the right choice of furniture while maintaining maximum flexibility for your space.

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