Ideal dimensions for a table lamp

To make a balanced choice, consider the dimensions of the room and the surface on which the lamp will be placed.

Dimensions of the lamp in relation to the room

Choose a lamp that is proportional to the size of the room and the height of the ceilings. In an open area with a cathedral ceiling, a slender Subuki lamp that is 30″ high will work well in the large space and draw the eye upward. In a basement living room with a low ceiling, opt for a small, minimalist lamp like Ellazzo, with its colorful terrazzo base.

Wida table lamp

Size of the lamp in relation to the surface

For stability, a table lamp should never be more than 1.5 times the height of the surface it is resting on. Unless the lamp is used to illuminate documents on a worktable, its base or shade should occupy about half the surface, but not all the available space.

Height of the lamp according to its shade

The base of the shade should not be higher than your eyes when you use the lamp. Thus, in a bedroom, you should not be dazzled by the lamp’s bulb while you are comfortably in bed with a book.

Design tips for choosing a table lamp

If you choose a table lamp with metal parts, match their “warmth” to other metals already present, such as hardware and frames. For example, bronze, gold, and copper are “hot” while stainless steel, nickel and pewter are “cold.”

Wijia table lamp

Match colours or create contrasts

For a harmonious, put-together look, choose a model with a color or finish that matches the furniture with a slight difference. For example, the lime-painted mango wood and off-white cotton of the Nedra table lamp lend themselves naturally to a setting with white, cream or warm gray surfaces.

Instead, you can achieve a dramatic effect with a design whose colors or materials are the opposite of the surface. An elegant Wendy lamp, with its gold polished metal detail on the base and white shade, creates a very chic look on a gray lacquered wood and black metal nightstand.

Respect the style of the room

Unless you’ve mastered the art of eclectic decorating, your room probably falls into a specific style. Whether you’re a fan of Scandinavian, mid-century, rustic, or industrial furniture, use this guideline to choose a table lamp that will match the overall look. For example, a boldly designed minimalist lamp like Wirls is a natural choice in an ultra-modern setting.

Wirls table lamp

The right table lamp for every room

Keep in mind the role that lighting will play in your home to guide your choice of a table lamp. Practicality? Atmosphere? Enhance other elements of the decor?

Accent lighting in the living room

In the living room, table lamps are typically used for reading, to soften the contrast of the television or to light the room for relaxation and conversation. Models that are 24″ to 34″ tall are usually well proportioned to the furniture in that room.

Make sure the bottom of the shade does not extend above your eye level when sitting on the couch or in a chair. Also consider the location of the television if you don’t want the lamps to cast light reflections on the screen.

Bedside lamp in the bedroom

For ergonomic reasons in bed, your bedside table should be at about the same height as the top of your mattress. Proportionally, this means that bedside lamps are often lower.

Choose a stable model that takes up little space, such as the Eludra table lamp with its white real marble base, leaving room for your personal belongings. You will also avoid knocking over the lamp when trying to turn off your morning alarm!

Eludra table lamp

Ambient lighting in the dining room

There’s probably already a light fixture hanging over your dining table. Table lamps are more about accent lighting and warming up the mood. Use the play of light and shadow created by shades to highlight items of interest, such as decorative tableware or artwork.

Desk lamp at work

Here, the rules of proportion don’t apply as much: a small lamp on a computer desk or large work surface can be ideal if it leaves more space for the rest of your equipment. The right choice of desk lamp is one that helps you get more done! For example, an adjustable lamp can direct light precisely onto documents to be reviewed.

In summary: Table lamps serve both a utilitarian and decorative purpose. Think of each table lamp as an extension of the decor it occupies, not as an isolated object.

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