Since wintery weather can be brutal to cope with, why not go for a soft interior design style to counter the season’s harshness? Even though trends called for a return to chic, the focus was always on comfort.


2021 was a year of extremes, reflected in Pantone’s Color of the Year selections. They chose subdued, somewhat sombre grey and, on the opposite end of the spectrum, a sunny yellow. These two colours opened up a world of neutrals and pastels which all pair beautifully with vibrant colours. This year, white, beige, ecru and other soft neutrals were enjoying their moment—but their personalities really stood out when teamed with bold pinks and bright oranges.


This year saw many people retreat to nature, and this thinking was reflected in people’s design decisions. Organic materials and textures came back in a big way—these days, wood, linen, and wool all reign supreme in our interiors. We also witnessed a return to rattan, a natural material that lightens up any setting. Beyond that, leather is proving once again that it’s here to stay. If organic is what you want, then organic, you shall receive.

La tendance du rotin

Local design

This year, we realized that finding quality, trendy furniture and accessories is closer to home than we thought. Just take our local Esther line of sofas and couches, statement furniture with big personalities for smaller spaces. Some other local options include Nicolas, with its rich oak touches and made-in-Quebec signature. There’s also Wilana furniture, which boasts modern straight lines and grey touches. Finally, let yourself ease into the Eloise collection, with its clean and classic aesthetic. Or, go local in small doses when you incorporate pillows and throws made here. While it’s true that imported décor is fantastic, we say that there’s no place like homegrown.

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Le bureau à la maison

Working from home is the new normal so by now, home offices should no longer be relegated to a far-off corner of the kitchen table. After all, a key to productivity is comfort, which means you need proper furniture, an ergonomic chair, and adequate lighting to get the best job done. Surround yourself with inspiring objects that will keep you company during the long hours of remote work but that won’t clutter the space. They say home is where the heart is, which means our home office should be designed with functionality in mind.

Our 3 essentials for a comfortable office

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