Alexandra Cosentino| Content creator and yoga instructor.

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Alexandra Cosentino

Content creator and yoga instructor.

Alexandra Cosentino is not only a digital content creator from Quebec, but she is also the author of several eBooks, a speaker, a wellness coach and the founding teacher of the yoga platform Essence Station.

"It's so easy to fall in love with everything at Mobilia, especially when you want to focus on style and comfort at the same time, without breaking the bank!"

Alexandra's favourite

Alexandra's favourite

"What I particularly love about the JAPANDI curio cabinet is that it is sturdy and can also hold a large amount of stuff, without cluttering the area. It's very sleek and airy and it complements the boho-chic look of our apartment beautifully."

Alexandra's choices

Moving into a new, larger, sleeker space, Alexandra was looking for a large, practical and stylish storage piece, as well as some items to add more colour and better differentiate between the office and lounge areas.
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