Mobilia created four worlds to facilitate the navigation and coordination of different furniture styles. Creating your personal world has never been this easy! On one side, there is effervescence, with the more Spontaneous and the more Wow worlds. On the other side, there calm with the more Euro and the more Natural worlds.

Let’s take a look at the more Euro world!

The Euro world turns, naturally, to Europe. Melding furniture with refined design, it shuns artifice to achieve timeless style, for a place of poise and elegance.

Euro mingles noble woods, earth tones, discreet accents of black or gold, matte lacquer finishes and stone. With its simple lines, the Euro world will give a room an essential look that never goes out of style.

In short, if you enjoy minimal and sleek-looking furniture, the more Euro world is a must see!

We have three other worlds for you to discover! Check out Natural, Spontaneous and Wow for more inspiration.