Mobilia has created four worlds to facilitate the navigation and layout of different furniture styles when choosing a decor for the rooms in your home. It is simple and efficient. On one hand, some dynamic touches with worlds that are more Spontaneous and more Wow. On the other, you have the more Euro and more Natural worlds that offer tranquility.

Un monde plus spontané
Get to know the more Spontaneous world!

Spontaneous is a transient universe; the flavour of the day, what is “in” right now. It is a world that is eclectic and fun. It draws inspiration from the trendiest places around the world. It invites you to discover and rediscover. Creative and appealing, it stands out and will surprise you.

In 2016, you will find pieces of furniture that have a typical 1960s look. The more Spontaneous world is made up of two capsules – there is the SAREEN collection with its SUFFA accessory collection, inspired by the early 1960s, and the SOOTS collection with his SUNKI accessory collection, inspired by those late magical years.

Sareen & Suffa

The sleek SAREEN and SUFFA collections pay tribute to the Scandinavian aesthetics wave from the early 1960s. SAREEN blends walnut and brass accents with comforting and soft-coloured fabrics. With its delicate geometric patterns and pastel shades, SUFFA offers an elegant and sophisticated look. SAREEN and SUFFA go together perfectly to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Soots & Sunki

Eclectic, SOOTS combines high-quality materials like leather, marble and metal. For its part, the SUNKI collection will blend shades of burgundy, ochre, dusty rose and burnt orange. SOOTS and SUNKI are therefore combined to create a warm and welcoming interior.

Let yourself be inspired by the 1960s and adopt the more Spontaneous world for a nice nod to this era filled with creativity!

Did you know it was in the 1960s that Mobilia first came to life? During all of 2016 we’ve celebrated this important milestone though various events and many surprises. See how we celebrated our 50th anniversary last February 25thClick here to see the video of our night!

We have three other worlds for you to discover! Check out Natural, Euro and Wow for more inspiration.