Mobilia created four worlds to facilitate the navigation and coordination of different furniture styles. Creating your personal world has never been this easy! On one side, there is effervescence, with the Spontaneous and the Wow worlds. On the other side, there calm with the Euro and the Natural worlds.

Get to know the Spontaneous world!

Spontaneous is a transient universe; the flavour of the day, what is “in” right now. It is a world where eclecticism and wonder come together in an array of collections as creative as they are alluring. Scandinavian, japanese, mid-century influences and more, find the very latest in global design trends.


Blending the simplicity and warmth of Scandinavian interiors with the pared down Japanese Zen spirit, the Japandi style seeks simplicity and authenticity in everyday life. Read our article on this new trend right here.

Grey / yellow duo

The solidity of Ultimate Grey blends with the sparkle of Illuminating yellow to create a combination that is both sober and radiant. Read our tips on how to adopt this colorful duo of the year, and bring joy into your home.

Discover the latest trends in our Spontaneous world.

We have three other worlds for you to discover! Check out Natural, Euro and Wow for more inspiration.


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