Mobilia created four worlds to facilitate the navigation and coordination of different furniture styles. Creating your personal world has never been this easy! On one side, there is effervescence, with the Spontaneous and the Wow worlds. On the other side, there calm with the Euro and the Natural worlds.

Let’s take a look at the Natural world!

Natural; a world deeply rooted in the environment, and characterized by simple organic forms and natural materials such as wood and leather. It’s a solid and comfortable world, with a hint of “handmade” and a sense of authenticity.

Woods, natural colours, off-whites, soft browns and touches of green predominate. Combining furniture from the Natural world will allow for the creation of a calm and cozy environment.

In short, if you are looking for raw materials and simple lines, you will enjoy browsing the more Natural world.

We have three other worlds for you to discover! Check out Spontaneous, Euro and Wow for more inspiration.

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